The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Why dry brush?

Dry brushing increases your circulation, improves digestion, and allows the skin to absorb more nutrients!  Which in turn encourages new skin cell renewal.  You can dry brush your entire body - face included by following these simple tips and tricks:

Dry brushing:

- ALWAYS use natural brush/bristles 

- Pay extra attention to rough areas; elbows, knees, heels, and lymph rich areas; inner thighs and underarms!

- Natural exfoliant, allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients from your moisturizer

- Releases toxins

- Supports lymphatic drainage

- Helps boost energy (especially when done before a shower in the morning!)

- Increases blood circulation, and stimulates the skin

- Improves digestion

- Always move in the direction of your heart

Dry face brushing:

*when dry brushing your face make sure to do so very lightly and NOT every day, maybe twice a week (for dry skin) and oily skin can benefit up to four times per week. DO NOT dry brush over open wounds (face or body) inflamed or “angry blemishes”

- You can dry brush your face before or after cleansing in the morning or night, making sure your face is absolutely dry, with NO makeup!

- If you dry brush after cleansing your face give your face a splash of water afterward!

- Beginning at your décolleté (chest, collarbone) and work all the way up to your forehead

- You will want to do roughly five (light strokes!) per area

- After you have dry brushed, rinse with water and apply your favorite (gentle) serum or moisturizer